Leduc Outdoor Park

The legendary PAG outdoor field in Leduc county.  One of the longest running fields in Alberta.  We are improving and reinvesting in the great outdoor layout.  Come and see what we have done, and what we plan to do for the 2017 season and beyond!

Outdoor Hours

Open every Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm

All other times are by bookings only with a minimum group of 20 players for weekdays

Minimum 6 players required for a booking on weekends.

Paintball Action Games Outdoor
23412 TWP Rd 492
Leduc County



Rental Package A = $30

field fee, semi-auto Marker, goggles,

coveralls and 200 Paintballs.

 Rental Package B = $40

field fee, semi-auto Marker, goggles,

coveralls and 300 Paintballs.

 Rental Package C = $50

field fee, semi-auto Marker, googles,

coveralls and 500 Paintballs.

 Extra Paintballs

100 Paintballs = $10

500 Paintballs = $40

 Own Gear Prices

Field Fee = $20

100 Paintballs = $10

500 Paintballs = $25

(Prices Subject to change) (Tax Not included)

all rental packages can be regular or low impact paintball!!