Big Game #3 - Operation : INVICTA

Big Game #3 - Operation : INVICTA

20.00 30.00


Paintball Action Games and Quest for Adventure have partnered up to bring you Operation : INVICTA, our LAST big game of 2019.

Pre-register online at for a discounted entry fee and choose between the DEA and the Cartel teams.

Columbian drug kingpin overtakes drug smuggling, and the routes to the Russian Mafia for the trade of weapons for cocaine.  

Marine sniper teams & DEA Agents ascend on the Drug Kingpin for an epic battle....

Start time: 10:30am
Lunch break: 12:45pm
Second half start time: 1:30pm
Big game ends: 3:45pm
Prizes: 4pm

Lots of Prizes

Entry fee:

$30 (day of)
$20 (pre-register)


$20 for bag of 500
$75 for case of 2000

Membership rates apply for paintballs only.

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